Questions, Meet Smallprint

We stick to one good, fleshed out solution to a design problem. If we are really convinced about two, we will share both and let you know why and how each one works; we will help you make an informed choice.
Since we are concerned about keeping the costs as affordable as possible, long-distance travel verges on the impossible. If you are a local business, or want to come down to our studio for a chat, we will be happy to schedule a meeting.
70,000 INR is a blanket cost that covers everything we mentioned in the deliverables page. We are always open to see what specific needs your project might have.
People we work with
OTN is an affordably priced, essential identity solution for startups, small businesses, NGOs, not-for-profits and passion projects. We realise some of these definitions are not rock-solid and trust our intuition when we make a decision. If you are looking for an extensive brand identity exercise, get in touch with KL11.
Why OTN when there is KL11
KL11 still works on larger identity design projects for established clients. We were offering our expertise to local, small businesses and not-for-profits at the same rates we charge bigger organisations. People we really wanted to work with were uncomfortable about approaching us because of the perceived cost. OTN is a friendlier, less extensive solution to that problem.
It takes us a month from project initiation to delivery, and we request you to make sure the feedback is always communicated in two days.