1. Research Report + Design Direction
We work like paid, less biased versions of your friends and relatives. Listening to your business ideas and brand strategy, we help align them with ideal practices and quantifiable goals. This also works as a foundation for the rest of the project.


Research report and design directions as .txt and pdf files.

2. Naming and Narrative
Based on your vision for the company and the principles you operate with, we suggest a name and draft a compelling textual narrative that can be presented to potential investors, shared with the media as a press-kit and used in your website and communication material.

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Name and copy as .txt files and .PDF files, that you can share as a press kit.

3. Visual Identity
We craft marks that embody the spirit of your company and work hard in communicating your value proposition to stakeholders and customers alike. Painted large on buildings to carved intricately onto cutlery, we ensure these work well with a variety of sizes and reproduction techniques relevant to your business.

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1. Asset Library: Logo (wordmark, symbol or both) as vector file(s).
2. Colour palette (As .pdf for reference and swatch exchange files for making artwork.)
3. Basic print stationery as printable files. (Includes business cards, letterhead and envelope)